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Q: What TODEP is for?
A: People need to have a calm corner even in Internet. There are not so many places on the Net where you have to do nothing.

Q: Why TODEP was created?
A: The author has found a great domain name WWW.ONEPAGESOLUTION.COM and registered it. Why? To sell it for a reasonable price. It was clear that without promotion the domain name may not find its lucky buyer. So the author decided to make a few promo sites to promote WWW.ONEPAGESOLUTION.COM.

Q: There are several dead end and last internet page site on the Net. What is the difference?
A: All of those site are just pages. TODEP offers fully featured dead end with high-end dead end service.

Q: Should I pay anything to use TODEP?
A: No. TODEP service is absolutely free to all clients. If you feel TODEP helps you, you can make a little donation to support the site.

Q: I have my own website. Can I advertise at TODEP?
A: Yes. Send your inquiry to office@todep.com.

Q: What will happen when WWW.ONEPAGESOLUTION.COM will be sold?
A: The author doesn't know yet. Let it first be sold.

Q: Are you going to sell TODEP along with WWW.ONEPAGESOLUTION.COM?
A: Do you make an offer?

Q: Are you planning other interesting projects?
A: Yes. The author has some very nice ideas to implement.

The Official Dead End Place is your best way out.

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The Official Dead End Place is created and maintained by WWW.ONEPAGESOLUTION.COM, the domain which is for sale at www.sedo.com at the moment. Offers accepted.

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